Virginia Kerr

RIAM Course – Wellbeing for Music Teachers and Professionals

We will be running this course again soon. Here are some details about the course.
Develop a holistic educational approach to your teaching practice and explore the relationships you have with yourself and your students

About this event

Education opens the door to the future and as teachers we open this door for our students. A teacher needs to know how to communicate, motivate and work effectively with students who will, no doubt, all have very diverse backgrounds and varying degrees of musical talent and drive.

Learning Objectives

Developed and delivered by Professor Virginia Kerr, This workshop aims to assist teachers in developing a holistic educational approach to music teaching practice and to explore the relationships teachers have with themselves and with their students. Subjects such as being “a musical parent”, developing a sense of wellbeing for both teacher and student, holding the boundaries, dealing with fears, recognising burn out and improving mental resilience will be explored.

About the Tutor

Virginia Kerr is Professor of Voice at the Royal Irish Academy of Music and is a member of the vocal faculty of Maynooth University. She takes a very holistic approach to her teaching of singing, incorporating her training in psychology and body work into her vocal tuition.   A keen interest in the workings of the psyche of musicians and performers led Virginia to pursue an MSc in Psychotherapy with an emphasis on Musical Performance Anxiety.  Virginia specialises in working with performers who suffer with performance anxiety and she incorporates this work into her lecture series at the Royal Irish Academy of Music.


Age: 18+

Ability: Teacher or Professional

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